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Rubén López.

Hello! I'm Rubén López, telecommunications engineer and freelance mobile developer. I have also studied Chinese for several years in the official language school of Barcelona, obtaining several certifications.

In 2012 I undertook a personal and professional challenge that resulted in a series of mobile applications to study and practice the Chinese language with smartphones: dictionary, games, lessons and more. My goal was to bring the Chinese language to many students, so most of the applications developed are carefully translated into English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

I'm currently working on the improvement and constant updating of applications such as the HSK series that has achieved more than 500,000 downloads and has more than 45,000 active users. Also, I cannot stop thinking about how to create new apps that can help in the study of the Chinese language in another way.

I thank you for trying and learning Chinese with these applications, and I invite you to send me any feedback than can improve your learning.

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