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  • Chinesimple, Chinese can be simple

    The most complete HSK app
    • Hanzi - Simplified and traditional
    • Pinyin - 3 different pinyin modes
    • Tones - Customize your tone colors
    • Radicals - For any hanzi character
    • Audio - Offline high-quality audio
    • Sentences - Examples for any word
    • Play - 8 games for word practicing with words
    • Multi language - Meanings available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish
    Model 1
  • Free Android/iOS app

    • Sentences - More than 1,800 examples
    • Topics - Useful and classified topics for each HSK level
    • Audio - High-quality audio and pronunciation from native speaker
    • Play - 4 games for practicing with sentences
    • Speaking - Chinese voice recognition feature
    • Multi language - Sentences available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish
    Model 3
  • Chinesimple Picturecards

    • More than 1,500 Picturecards
    • Simplify your learning by images
    • Collect all the cards playing the games
    • Play - 4 games for practicing with Picturecards
    Model 2
  • Much more Chinesimple

    • Lessons - Grammar and vocabulary lessons
    • Stories - Small texts with native audio
    • Progress - Track your learning progress
    • Mistakes - Review what you did wrong
    • Achievements - Claim your rewards after completing games or tasks
    • Daily notifications - Remind you to learn with the help of our notification feature
    • Offline - Use the app anywhere even without an internet connection
    • Pass the test - Best tool for prearing your test
    Model 4

"You don't need to learn it alone"

Easy to use

An easy-to-use application, with a clear and simple interface. Fun, full of content and addictive, a good option for practicing effectively at any time.











free content

free content

Our reward is that you have fun while you learn

4.7 star rating on GooglePlay


HSK Dictionary

Translation, tones, native audio, radicals, sentences...

More than 1800 sentences

Examples for all words


Each word has a Picturecard

15 Games

Practice and learn in a funny way


Grammar, vocabulary, conversation and text


Track your progress and review your mistakes

Offline content

Offline content - Learn everywhere

Available in 6 languages

English, German, French, Italian Russian and Spanish

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